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“We created Skinny Cheesecakes® because, as fitness enthusiasts, we were tired of having to choose between an all-out dessert binge or “clean cheating” with a nasty protein bar. Sugar cravings can be the devil when there’s no healthy option for dessert, but now there is. Have your cheesecake and eat it too! Enjoy Skinny Cheesecakes® at the gym, school, lunch, or work with absolutely ZERO guilt. We’ve brought you the best so you can look and feel your best.“

- Team Skinny Cheesecakes®

Meet our Core Team

Agustin Esquivel


A proud Texan (born and bred in Dallas), and American, I am a great lover of freedom and this land of ours. Outside of work I enjoy music, travel, marketing.


With experience in business and equity firm management, over the course of a 10+ year career, I have successfully refocused from a legal background to serial entrepreneur, through hard work and a keen eye for favorable investments tripled with actively managing relationships.


This experience has culminated in the founding of my current venture — Elevate Investment Group — a private equity firm and strategic advisor focused on private companies following an opportunistic approach in high-growth, disruptive product development, special brokerage and undervalued cash generators, across various sectors including agriculture, and direct consumer goods.


Most recently, Agustin successfully executed his first company buyout in the health and food industry where he has partnered with two of the world's top Brand Marketing professionals in the space to lead the business to success.

Advisory Board

Bradley Abbott

Managing Partner

Eric Kiker

Chief Strategy Officer

Nicholas Pace

Chief Technical Officer

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