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About | Skinny Cheesecakes

About us

“We created Skinny Cheesecakes because we’re fit enthusiasts that are tired of having to pick from an all out dessert binge or “clean cheating” with a nasty protein bar.

Sugar cravings can be the devil when there’s no healthy option for dessert. Well now there is. Have your cheesecake and it eat too for gym, school, lunch, or work with absolutely ZERO guilt.

We brought you the best so you can look and feel your best.“

-Team Skinny Cheesecakes

Meet our team

Core Team

Cassandra Irizarry

CEO, Founder

Jonathan Irizarry

COO, Co-Founder

Advisory Board

Kosta Gara

Advisory Board Member

Rick Riddle

Advisory Board Member

Nadja Piatka

Advisory Board Member

Investing oportunity



Handcrafted from the whole, real, and high quality ingredients.



Formulated from experts in the health and fitness industry.


High Market

Unlimited opportunities to share the vision of the company in living a healthy and proactive lifestyle.


High Protein

Jam-packed with enriching protein for the ultimate, healthy treat.

Why choose us

All of our products are:


High in protein

Made with whey isolate

Sweetened with Stevia

Trusted by athletes

Kid approved

Good for the gym, school, lunch, or work!